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Both parties simply submit their items using the Trade Hub form. Once the form is submitted, an email will be sent containing details for shipping the items to Game 7 Authentics. Once our team has both items in hand, they will be inspected to insure both parties are receiving the items they are trading for in the condition they were advertised. After items are inspected, we will use the prepaid return label inside the box to have your items sent to their final destination.

Disclaimer: Game 7 Authentics is not liable for items in transit to and from Game 7 Authentics. 

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Nik is an absolute pleasure to deal with. A few years ago, I decided to take my collection in a different direction which meant parting with my 110 HOF ball collection. Not only did Nik make me a fair offer, but as I was reluctant to ship 110 balls through the mail, he offered to drive 600 miles to meet me half way to complete the transaction. Nik is a stand up guy that is trustworthy, well respected in the industry and has become my go to person for procuring specific baseballs for my collection. He’s extremely knowledgeable, always available for any questions I might have and is a great person to bounce ideas of a potential collecting project I’m contemplating.  Truly one of a kind

Steven Z
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